Kiyai Zuhri’s activities were not restricted to writing, teaching and preaching. He was known as an ardent badminton player, participating in tournaments and games organized by Madrasah Alsagoff. Once, when cycling to the mosque for Maghrib prayer, he spotted some youngsters playing badminton. He stopped his bicycle, removed his cap (tarbus), and started playing with them with earnest. A few minutes later, the Maghrib azan was heard. He told them, “Now that I’ve played badminton with all of you, why not we all go to the mosque now for the Maghrib prayer?”

It was this casual and friendly style of dakwah that endeared him to most people and students.

He spread Islamic teachings through classes or short lectures whenever anyone requested. He would teach in mosques (surau-surau) and in villages.

Kiyai Zuhri also taught at Radin Mas Religious School. Quran recitation and fardhu ain classes that were specially catered for children were held at the Radin Mas Surau situated in front of his in-laws’ house. The surau is built upon a plot of land which was donated by his father-in-law, Haji Abdul Halim Bin Karto.

In 1945, he took the responsibility as a teacher at Madrasah Alsagoff Al-Arabiah. In 1952, he was appointed as Headmaster. He continued to teach at the madrasah until 1960.


As a religious teacher, he taught at many places, among them at Jalan Sultan, Minto Road, Sophia Road, Tangling, Radin Mas and Kampung Melayu. Not restricting himself to mainland Singapore, he hopped across to several islands around Singapore, namely Pulau Brani and Pulau Tekong.


Early in 1950s, he moved and took residence at Kampung Melayu, Jalan Eunos, near the old Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu. There, he was appointed as President/Chairman and later Advisor for the mosque’s Management Council. He was also the mosque’s imam for Subuh prayers, and khatib for Friday and Eid Sermons. And after Subuh prayers, he would teach Tafsir and Hadith.